Founder/ Chief Creative Officer

The original Thai creative who has once made history the in China advertising hall of fame for bringing the first Cannes Grand Prix Lion to China in 2011. His Samsonite “Heaven and Hell” is currently the world’s most awarded print-ad of all time. In 2012 he became one of the ‘Top 3 Art Directors of Asia’ and was ranked 8th in The World Creative Ranking.

After 6 years in Shanghai Rojana decided to move back to his homeland to take the greater role as Executive Creative Director at JWT Bangkok in 2014, where he groomed himself in a creative leadership role. However, his calling dream made him decide to part ways with the global network agency to start his ideal ‘idea agency’, Storyteller Bangkok.

And with the matter of one year, Storyteller has no doubt become the hottest, not to mention coolest, rookie agency in Thailand.



Born as the youngest of 3, Chanaradee was the younger sister with 2 big twin brothers, hmm… Big Family. Growing up in Mahachai, small town on the outer rim of Bangkok she has always been dreaming of becoming a doctor but her hatred of chemistry leads her to study design. She was graduated with a major in Industrial Design at Chulalongkorn where she found her self-interested by communication design and advertising.

The first 3 years of her career, was a copywriter at TBWA\Thailand where she has accumulate copywriting skills. But Chanaradee believes that it is extremely important to be good at both copywriting AND art directing, that is when
Chanarade decided to join Storyteller as an Art Director to reinforce, once again, what she had learnt at University.

In her free time, she is passionate about visiting museums as well as aquariums. She also enjoys photography and of course travelling is her favorite activity.
She may seem like a quiet person, but if you want to get to know her better try sharing a cake with her.


Story Director

Growing up as a visual thinker, Parbpraew’s path led her to a Graphic Design major in college. After graduating she became a graphic designer at Monday Agency. And when an opportunity approached her, she decided to travel to China to join Mr. Roxana’s team at JWT Shanghai.

Several years with Mr. Roxana made Parbpraew wondered again what more does design had to offer. She then took the journey to London for a MA degree in Sustainable Design course at Kingston University.

After coming back, she reunited with Mr. Roxana this time with a stronger belief in combining the practice of using design thinking to create a more sustainable business and equitable society in a more creative, empathic and innovative way.

Aside from work, Parbpraew has a soft-spoken characteristic but don’t get her wrong, she is extremely friendly and surprisingly funny once you get to know her.


Finance Director

It was more than 15 years ago since Saengaroon first stepped into an advertising agency as the finance function of many agencies, from big name network agencies to growing local agencies. Throughout her 15 years of experience she has adopt, accumulate, and understand all kinds of different ‘thinkings’ or the mindsets of the “Advertiser” from the people she has worked with from different agencies, different departments throughout the time. Even though advertising wasn’t her original background but her years of experiences made her understand advertising inside and out.

For Saengaroon “Attitude is Everything”- this is her life motto that gets her through the good and bad times, and to always be the strong foundation behind everyone’s success. 


Account Manager

Ice is a second child and is raised in super duper laid back family. With that said, her family has never forced her or say no to her decision so thats why she has to force herself not to get distracted and to be competitive along the way of being a student. Eventually, Ice obtains her bachelor degree from Srinakharinwirot University in the faculty of Political Science.

Her first career is far from what she has done in uni. Instead, her first career is the thing that shes very confident about herself, which she has no fear of being the center of attention and is a people person.

Ice had worked as an (both online and offline) media account executive for about 6 years. It had been too long until it came to a boil and started to scald herself. The job was no longer challenging to her and she felt that she had no self development. Thats why she decided to resign and turned back on this career path and looked for a more challenging opportunity in advertising media industry.

Storyteller reached her out just in the perfect timing when she was seeking this opportunity. Without any hesitation, she decided to take on the new challenges offered by Storyteller right away and this is how the new chapter begins. She knows that it is going to be a jungle out there. New opportunity will make her strive and grow and it will give her new challenges, which is what she has been looking forward to facing.