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Carabao Can

Carabao in Thailand has long been known as the glass bottle energy drink that glorifies the blue-collar fighting spirit. In 2018 Carabao decided to launch Carabao Can to modernize the brand to capture the young drinker. To do so, an edgy idea was needed to revamp the brand and rock the energy drink market.


Samsung : Inner voice

There are two conflicting voices affecting the new-generation. The first is the voice of ‘others’ dictating and limiting imagination. The other is their ‘inner voice’ that spurs them to rise above the judgment of others. Samsung Galaxy believes that those who listen to their inner voice are those who bring progress to the world. Follow the voice that pushes us forward.


Tiger Beer : Risk today

Tiger beer believes that the youth don’t belong in a cage of their future and want the youth to see that when we don’t think about tomorrow, we will see the greatness of today. But most of all Tiger Beer wants the ‘tiger in youth’ to be wild and free, to explore, to experiment and to dare to take a chance... Because today only comes once.


Peckish : Go so big

Snack tastes better without your head. When you think too much, your head worries and worrying leads to a something much bigger. Therefore, Peckish, a healthy and tasty snack has done all the thinking for you. It’s baked not fried, there’s no MSG and it’s Gluten free. Thanks to Peckish, the next time you feel like snacking, don’t think… just eat.